Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 15 December 2017

Black ice

I set off for my usual Friday walk this morning but had to give up and come home.  The black ice is absolutely lethal.  I had initially thought the ground was wet so hadn't put good walking boots on.  My comfy 'every day'  boots don't have much of a grip so were useless on the ice. Oh well, I will stay home and make another batch of Christmas cards.  I didn't realise just how many handmade ones I would need this year.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

More bling

Last night Tony brought me a piece of reflective tape. He had been given it it to put on the car door and had loads left over. I stuck some of it onto thick cardboard and then cut hearts with one of my Bigz dies.  I added some of the bling that I made yesterday and then made a brooch, bracelet and mathing earrings. Even if I only ever wore it once it has cost virtually nothing to make.  It would be a really pretty way to add some reflective tape to a handbag though. Make a few brooches and pin them on.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

OOOH Shiny

I have been playing with the cheap mock rhinestone bling that I bought from Home Bargains...£1 for two metres.  The red stones are simply flat back stick on gemstones.  The blue and gold are glass crystals from my stash. In my stash I have loads of stick on gemstones and glass crystals. There are ribbon ends and clasps in my stash and when the glue dries I will turn them all into bracelets. They would also make stunning earrings and are very light weight. In my stash I have some polystyrene balls in a variety of sizes.  Wouldn't they look stunning dressed with a bit of embellished mock rhinestone bling and hung on a Christmas tree.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Fighting a bug

I'm wearing a thermal top, a thick jumper and am covered with a fleece blanket...... and I am absolutely freezing. As a person who very rarely feels the cold this is really making me miserable.  My chest isn't too grand and I feel slightly nauseous.  Oh well, it is better to be ill this week than next.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Facebook is creepy

For a long time I have used facebook off and on. I didn't tell anyone as I simply used it to view and save things. I chatted with my friend when we were both online and it was an easy way to stay in touch.  Yesterday when I logged in I was puzzled to see that a total stranger had accepted my friend request. A request that I hadn't sent. I have now deactivated my account and won't be using facebook again.No wonder young people are endangered on social medial platforms. They all seem to have a desire for a huge list of 'friends'. Rather like some sort of bizarre popularity competition. I couldn't care less how popular I may or may not be and will stick to old fashioned methods of staying in touch from now on. Last year a total stranger asked  if he could 'get to know me better'. I simply replied 'No'.  He very quickly removed the message. The photo that he posted of himself showed a very good looking man in his early fifties.  I would almost swear that it is a photo from google. Please do be careful as I am sure that there are many many weird creepy folk out there who are not who they pretend to be.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Needle punch embroidery

Have any of you tried needle punch embroidery. I saw a you tube video the other day and I love the effect so have ordered a needle punch set. I will have plenty of cold dark nights to practice but I wondered whether any of you lovely people have tried it. I would really appreciate any tips and hints.

Friday, 8 December 2017


I love pretty glasses and have loads different little shot glasses  and stemmed glasses in my cupboard. They are such a nice thing to drink from and I love this time of year when we enjoy a little tipple in front of the fire..  Last night Tony poured me a little glass of mint flavour mock Baileys (from Aldi).  Now we have no idea how long it was in the cupboard but it tasted fine.  Tonight he poured us both a little tipple and we enjoyed it... He went to pour a second glass each and discovered curdled lumps in the bottom of the bottle..... Bleurgh, we don't plan to drink the rest and it is probably psychological but I feel decidedly sick now. I think we need to have a look through the drinks cabinet to see if anything else has been opened a while.

I fixed it

Last year Tony and I bought one of these.. we are so tasteful and classy as you can tell...   :-)


When we got it out this year it wasn't working so Tony stood it in the porch as a decoration....... Well yesterday I managed to fix it.  I was chuffed to bits and tried to send him a video of it working....  Unfortunately what I actually did was video call him on wattsapp.... A room full of his workmates were treated to the video.... I couldn't turn the flipping thing off.
I am off out at lunch time to my whist group's Christmas meal. We had a meal at this particular hotel earlier this year and it was very very nice so I am quite looking forward to it. Christmas jumpers is the dress code..  I have made myself some very tasteful Christmas tree earrings... emphasis on tasteful   :-)

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My frugal 2018 ... and the white Christmas tree

It is that time of year when my mind turns to the coming year. Next year I plan to see just how little I can get away with spending. Last weekend I bought a beautiful glittery hard backed note book which I will use to log any spends. The plan is to only spend on absolute essentials.  I am well stocked with dies from China now and if I want any more I shall simply put them on my birthday list. I will be doing that good old fashioned thing''' keeping money in a tin. I am absolutely determined not to spend on my debit card and will only spend cold hard cash. It is far too easy to reach for the card every time we need something and we are starting to lose the concept of 'do I need it'. Fortunately I am in the position where 'can I afford it'  isn't much of an issue as I am not a big spender. My idea of a splurge would be £20 of dies from China... If you have never had a look at dies on Ali Express then you have no idea how much £20 will buy... it is quite a few dies. This year I had  few big spends.. I bought a new fridge, my business insurance has increased slightly and then there was the cost of the TV license. Tony's birthday trip cost a good chunk from my savings and  Christmas is just around the corner. We have used more solid fuel ovals than wood this year and I have just bought a better grade of the ovals.  It has proved to be a good buy and I will buy them again when we next look to buy fuel. The cost is worth every penny as the whole house is kept gently warm from a half dozen pieces of the fuel. I leave the sitting room door open so that the heat can flow through the house.  Most people might feel that the house is  a bit on the cool side but I feel physically sick if I get too warm. I much prefer it cool.
As for the white Christmas tree. Unfortunately I can't get a decent photo.The image looks as though it is all grey but it isn't.... ohhhh how beautiful it looks. The theme is white and silver but there are tiny flashes of holographic glitter on some of the ornaments. I haven't even added lights as it would detract from the effect. The tree is absolutely pristine white and looks almost ethereal standing on top of the chest of drawers. I can't decide what I shall make as a topper.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas in the garden

I am now in need of more red bows.  I have a twenty five foot long hedge that needs Christmasyfying...:-).... You think I am kidding?