Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Just a few whitterings.

The flippin' insomnia is back, I woke every hour through the night and have been up since 06:20. I tried to stay in bed as long as I could in order to break the 'getting up too early' habit.
The weather is at long last, starting to feel a little warmer and today does looks like it might end up being a decent day. Yesterday I had a constant stream of visitors and we managed to get the burst pipe fixed. Tony asked the young lad at the carving club to repair it. Corey is just starting out as a self employed plumber and it was nice to be able to put a little job his way. Tony is not Mr DIY and gets a bit very shirty if I suggest that I do the job.  I probably should have just got on a repaired it myself while he was at work.  If I knew where the pipe cutter was I would have done. Oh well, at least it has been properly repaired and we don't have water dribbling all over the drive.
I am off to work soon so should really go and take himself a cuppa. He is giving me a lift in today so that means I don't need to catch the train. Lawd knows what he will get up to when I am out..  not much I should imagine, if he moves from the sofa I will be surprised. I have never known anyone need as much sleep. c .  :-)

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

It's a lovely Spring day

The sun is shining and it is really pleasantly warm out in the garden.  My goldfish are showing signs of moving around the pond.  I am always a little unsure how many will survive the winter so was really pleased to see that I have only lost one goldfish. I am not sure how many of the little black fish have survived.  I have only seen one so far but it is very early days yet.  I say little black fish as I am not sure whether they are young goldfish or fish that Tony brought in on a load of pond weed last year. I had spotted four of them so am hoping that they have all survived.  Time will tell.
It was lovely to feel the sun on my face at long last. I spent a good hour outside, dead heading and having a good tidy up.  There is going to be a lot of weeding to do in the coming weeks as the blimmin things seem to thrive in my damp heavy clay soil.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Pretty brooch

I went for my usual walk this morning... blimey, it was cold. When I came home I decided to give the bathroom a thorough clean. I got the shock of my life when Tony popped his head around the door.   He was supposed tobe at work but had been told he needed to use up his holiday allowance or he would lose it.  We are now planning a few days out here and there as he is off until Thursday next week.
I was glad he caught me cleaning and not crafting  :-)... not that he would have complained bless him. 
We had a bit of a snooze this aftenoon and then after tea I made a start needlepunching this brooch. I like the look that the beads have added to the piece. It will look great on my coat.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

The snow has returned

We have a good layer out there so I am staying in today.  It isn't so much the snow that troubles me but the swirling wind. It is causing huge flurries of snow to whirl across the garden.
I may work on the cushion that I started yesterday. My plan had been to buy a piece of carpet gripper strip (I threw loads out the other year) I want to make a big 'rug hooking' frame so that I can work on bigger pieces of needle punch.  I discovered yesterday that the padded frame given to me by my friend Anona is perfect for a smallish piece of punch work.  I used loads of pins to attach the fabric to the frame and adjusted it occasionally when it worked a little bit loose.  Now that I know it works I can hang on a bit before making a big frame...I need to have a look on you tube to see how best to make it.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Ta daaaaaaaaaa....

Tony went off to the footie this afternoon and I felt the urge to craft. I had a good long natter with my friend Anona and then set to work on a punch needle project..... I plan on turning it ito a cushion and adding some beadwork to the edge....  maybe tomorrow

I created an outline and then began to fillit all in

The finished piece.

First frogspawn and a pretty pot of tea

Tony called me out into the garden last night. The pond had two big clusters of frog spawn.. the first of the year.  This morning there is another cluster.

And, what do you think of my tiny glass teapot.?   I love the rose bud tea that I bought a few weeks ago. Although I have a few nice teapots, I wanted a glass one so that I could watch the rose buds expand and unfurl.  I did a bit of research and ordered one from ebay. Postie tried to deliver it yesterday while I was out so we picked it up from the parcel place this morning. It is such a pretty little thing. The perfect size for a cup of tea.  I love the little flower teaspoons, they are such a sweet addition to the cup and saucer..... I do enjoy using pretty china.  Now I would like some tiny pink sugar cubes. If anyone knows where I can buy them from I would appreciate a link.

Friday, 16 March 2018

My clever hubby

I knew men served some function..   :-)    They understand nuts and bolts. My clever hubby took one look at the the punch needle that kept slipping and fixed it.  He went into the garage and picked up his tin of useful cr*p that just might come in handy one day...He found the perfect size nut and washer and fixed the punch needle.  He even gave me a spanner so that I can tighten and unloosen the nut.  I can now adjust it to create different loop lengths... I do love that man... I now have four perfectly finctioning different sized punch needles... That should keep me out of mischief for a while........ now what shall I embellish :-)

Hand made punch needle

I bought a cheap set of punch needles from ebay but the little screw doesn't tighten enough on the adjustable punch needle.  It keeps sliding and that would be a flippin nuisance if I am working on a project. The set  came with several needles.  I have just converted two old biros into holders for the needles.  They aren't adjustable but I really don't mind at all. I still have useable needles.  You can buy a set of four needles without the pen holder and they will only cost £1.20 or thereabouts.  They come from China and might take a little while to arrive but I feel it would be worth the wait. If you decide to make some yourself take care not to block the hollow tube of the needle with glue.
 Useful Stitching Punch Needle Punching Punch Needle Tool Kit For EmbroiderThe photo  on the top left of this post is the kit that I bought so you can see what a bargain it was.

Eating healthily

Last night I was  reading a post on a fellow bloggers page and she mentioned that she was brimming with energy since changing her diet.  I hadn't given it any thought really but I too am brimming with energy.  I am sleeping far better and waking up refreshed. Ironically the post was about Chia Pudding. I say ironically because that is exactly what I had prepared for myself for today's breakfast. This delicious and very nutritious little seed can be used to make the most amazing chocolate pudding. I like to eat mine for breakfast but it would be perfect as an after meal dessert.  You can adjust the amount of coco powder that you use.  I like mine nice and chocolatey so added a good two teaspoons of coco. Let me first show you my slightly healthier 'toad in the hole'.  For those who may not  have heard of it please don't be alarmed. No toads were harmed during the construction of this dish. It is simply sausages cooked in a light crispy yorkshire pudding batter...... and folks in North Yorkshire do know how to make a mean Yorkshire Pudding. I made it healthier by reducing the amount of sausages that I used.  We are trying to reduce the amount of meat that we eat here in Kemp Castle but don't want to do without our favourite dishes.  Instead of using whole sausages I simply cut the sausages into pieces and spread them about in the dish.  The dish is probably a little larger than I need to use but it is a lovely 'non stick' one and perfect for cooking Yorkshire pud.
Light crispy 'Toad in the hole'.

One dessertspoon of Chia seeds

Two teaspoons of coco powder, one teaspoon of maple syrup and half a cup of almond milk.

Stir well and leave to stand ten minutes before stirring again. Pop in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

A few pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and chopped almonds.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Another lovely blog to visit.

If my little foray into punch needle craft has whetted your appetite then go and have a look at this gorgeous blog.  The instructions are crystal clear and the work that the lady does is absolutely stunning. I will be a regular visitor over there from now on.