Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Model Railways

Tony has gone off with his friend to a model railway show.  Likely as not he will come home full of enthusiasm with a load of kit that he will never look at again.  If only he would make a start on the N Gauge model layout that he has in boxes up in the loft.  It would really challenge my crafting skills to make some scenery with him and I would have great fun.  Oh well never mind, I can find a gazillion things to make that have nothing to do with train sets.
Tonight is ceilidh night so some time today we need to go and buy some nice food to share. It is such a lovely friendly occasion and the callers are really good and clear with their instruction. I am really eyeballing my parchment now and have been watching videos. The amount of work that goes into it staggering and I think I might bring my daylight lamp downstairs as once I start I won't want to stop until I have really made something beautiful. I still haven't stared on my Christmas Quilts.... I want to make some Christmassy throws for the sofas in the sitting room. It will be a great way to use up some of my fabric stash.  I had better get on with it or I won't have them ready in time.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Parchment craft

I have a yen to give it a try but don't want to buy a load of tools so will make do with the ones I have. I have watched a few videos and it looks stunning...  Go and have a look at Alisons blog and see her lovely work..... I plan to  blame Alison for sparking this interest.... :-)


Coffee cup lid mini scene

In my stash I have a whole pile of plastic coffee cup lids.  I have had them for years and used them in many workshopts to make Christmas scenes using pinecones. Yesterday I cut some little houses from heavy duty brown paper and made a little winter scene.  The Christmas tree is a piece from a chenille stem

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Autumn leaves

The leaves are really starting to fall now and I can feel that the year is drawing to an end. I spent a lovely afternoon crafting with my friends Tripta and Moreen. After Moreen left Tripta stayed and had a meal with Tony and I. Today is Diwali and Tripta brought a delicous curry with her. I have two little diya  sitting in front of my fire this evening. Tripta brought them for me and I will light them a little later this evening

Some ladies from my walking group enjoying our local park

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A bit of this and that kind of post

A few weeks ago when Tony and I were at Hurworth Show I bought a couple of light reflecting poppies from the British Legion stand. I think they are probably meant to clip onto handbags or coat zips.  In my stash I have a few nice chunky chains and I clipped one of the poppies onto the chain to wear as a pendant. If you see the British Legion stand somewhere this next month please do go and buy something.  They are a very worthy cause

 While I was taking the 'poppy pendant' photo, I took a quick photo of this verse which I have in a frame in my hallway.

Then I went outdoors and watered and dead headed the front garden. The sun is shining and it looks like it will be a glorious day today. I have moved most of my 'softpots' outdoors now and they are adding a real sparkle to the garden.

 The washing machine has just finished and now that I have finished my morning cuppa I will go and peg it all on the washing line to dry.  I love the smell of fresh air on my laundry when I bring it back in..... You will be relieved to know that I won't be posting a photo of the laundry  :-)

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Very Cheap Christmas presents

I came downstairs this morning and the first thing I saw in my kitchen are my sweet little roses that I planted into softpots yesterday. It got me  thinking about how utterly enchanting they would be if you made them as Christmas presents.   You could book a workshop with Annie at softpots.com to learn the technique and then you could buy a load of miniature roses from Lidle  or Aldi and give a pretty rose in a softpot as a Christmas present. The roses cost me £2.39 each.. or thereabouts.  Buy stockings or tights from Primark and have a lovely afternoon making a whole load for your friends.  They could keep them indoors or pop them out into their gardens.  I bought a starter kit from Softpots.com for £20 and it has given me enough to make quite a few softpots. 

Monday, 16 October 2017

I bet you sing

We are sick to death of the TV,  we don't  'do' video games and the radio is boring us rigid. If my compost wasn't outside behind Le Crafterie I would make a few more softpots..... can you tell I am utterly hooked :-)   :-)   :-)
Soooooooo......  I am browsing Yoo Toob.. I bet you sing  :-)




Rowan berries

I went for my usual walk this morning and the light was the strangest shade of sickly yellow.  The sun looked like a dusty orange ball poking through the clouds.  Oddest of all though was the lack of birdsong. We all expected a huge thunderstorm to occur but nothing happened.  The yellow light has continued all day with the very occasional spatter of rain.  I say spatter but I really mean a few drops.
When I got home I made two more 'softpots'. These two are filled with the miniature roses that we bought on our way home from Knaresborough yesterday. They are intended to go out in the garden but I plan to enjoy them on the windowsill for a few days first. While I was out walking I gathered a small handful of Rowan berries and threaded them on cotton to make a simple bracelet.  I have read that Rowan berries  when worn will ward of the Evil Eye. They won't stay plump and red but I plan to gather a few more and make a proper bracelet with a catch that I can undo. It won't matter if they turn wrinkly and brown

Sunday, 15 October 2017

A cracking workshop today

This afternoon Tony and I had a workshop with 'Softpot Annie'. It was worth every penny and I really think that anyone who fancies trying something new should go and book a workshop with her.   It would be a fantastic idea for a kids birthday party.  Probably better suited to children over ten years old.  Or how about a hen party.  Henshaws Craft Centre even has a drink licence so you could have a glass or two of something naughty after the workshop...You could make beautiful pots to decorate the wedding venue..... you have really got to see them to see how beautiful they are.  Maybe if you live  near enough you could invite Annie to your home to deliver a workshop.  It is always worth asking.

Look at the lovely stuff we got to play with.

Tony enjoyed it as much as  I did

They make a beautiful addition to my kitchen

The Christmas waistcoat

For quite a few years Tony has wanted a blingy Christmas Waistcoat. Well, last week I bought a plain waistcoat and a dozen 'iron on' patches.  Here it is ready to have the patches ironed on...... I love that man he is such fun to be with.