Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 20 August 2017

A little bit of beading

Tony and I have spent most of today collecting logs for the log store. My poor arms are all scuffed and sore.. not at all ladylike. I do keep asking Tony to stop treating me like a bloke but it falls on deaf ears. Although I do like chopping logs thee is a limit to how much weight I can actually carry.  But less moaning and on with my beadies...  For the past couple of months I have spent far too much time browsing the internet. Sooooooo.........  I have deactivated a couple of accounts and unfollowed a few blogs.  This has meant that lately I have been doing what I love best... Crafting. I chose a couple of Swarovski Crystal rivolis and got some beads out from my stash and had a little play. The photo doesn't do the sparkle justice at all

Saturday, 19 August 2017


I have been at work all week and we fancied a change of scenery this weekend so Tony and I went for a run out today to Hull. We were really surprised at how lovely it is over there.  The people were lovely too. The scenery en route was gorgeous and it made me appreciate our beautiful country even more. I realise we all like different things but I would absolutely hate to live in a city. The thought of living in London would fill me with dread. I would feel as though I had been imprisoned. Give me rolling green hills and fields full of crops any day. We passed through some pretty little villages and realised that we could happily live anywhere so long as it is green and verdant.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

A peep in my garden

When I left the house to go to work this morning the ground was soaking wet and it was spitting and spotting with rain. I came home at lunch time to the loveliest warm and sunny weather.  I had lunch in  the garden and then sat in the sunshine while I shortened a pair of trousers for the hubby. I wish you could smell the sweet peas, the fragrance is wonderful and I have picked a little handful. The fragrance is filling the room as I type.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The bird houses pictures

I did promise didn't I?  

I couldn't stop making them

And I had a little treat yesterday.  I had a quick walk down the garden to check my strawberry plants and found just enough for Tony and I to have on a meringue nest with a bit of squirty cream. The flavour is superb and this is the second crop of stawberries that I have had from the plants. Each day I find just a little handful of luscious yummy ripe ones.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Tiny bird houses

This morning before I went to work I made a whole pile of tiny birdhouses.  From what????  I hear you asking... Well you know by now that it would probably be something recycled, and you would be right.  I upcycled some of my birthday cards.  I don't have time to show you them now as I have just cooked tea and in a little while Tony and I are off to pick up our friend Ted.  We are having a social night at the pub with the carving club. I will share some pics  tomorrow night when Tony goes off to his quoits club.  They are so cute and I am planning to glue them to some string and then wind the string around a cheap set of lights from the pound shop.  I think they will make a really sweet addition to my craft display when I give a talk out in the community.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

It's footie season again

I have had a really relaxing day today. It is the start of the football season so Tony went off to Manchester to watch the match. I made sure that he had a proper cooked breakfast in bed, complete with obligatory cup of tea and packed up some roast beef sandwiches for him to eat when he got there.  When he had driven off I sat for an hour in the sun reading Alan Titchmarsh's autobiography. It was lovely and warm and after all the rain that fell yesterday I bet the garden loved it.  My neighbour Joan came over for a natter and we sat on the garden seat and had a good old chinwag. After Joan left I read for a bit longer and then made myself a tasty salmon and cucumber sandwich for lunch. A quick phone call from another friend inviting me for a drive out was a lovely surprise. We couldn't decide where we fancied going so ended up at Redcar. The beach was quite busy and we had a good walk along the sand. I love the salty fragrance that  you get at the seaside.  It feels as though the air is scrubbed clean across hundreds of mile of ocean. It was lovely to be out in the fresh air as I will be working all week.
Hopefully we will soon have some news of a start date for the kitchen repair. The damp smell is really horrible and the green mould is spreading like a furry carpet. It really can't be hygienic to cook in this mess. 

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Pretty flowers

Tony surprised me with a lovely bouquet of flowers this morning.. The colours are much more vivid than the photo implies.

I have been making cards today

We had planned to spend the day gardening but the weather has meant that we had to change our plans.

The blue box card has cost virtually nothng to make as I simply used the envelopes from my birthday cards as a resource.  I made the Pegasus horse by combining a die cut horse and the wings from a couple of die cut doves.

Friday, 11 August 2017

A lovely day

I am having a lovely day today.  It started after a good long chat with my friend Anona.  Then I went for my usual walk in the park with my friend Marian.  Some naughty scallywag had pulled two  flower stalks from a hydrangea bush and shoved them into the hedgerow.  I picked them out and brought them home.  The variety is Vanille Fraise if anyone should be interested. The flower stalks are huge.. at least ten inches long and filled with stunning flowers.

Then Marian gave me a couple of dresses and three pretty tops that she no longer wears.  The dresses fit like a dream and the tops are exactly the sort I would have bought.  I went back to Marians for a lovely lunch and came home to do a bit of housework.  The postie has just been and delivered a gorgeous card sent to me by a lady on one of the craft sites that I frequent.  This photo really doesn't do it justice

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Mould stalactites

I have mould stalactites growing inside my kitchen cupboards and the doors are all wearing furry jumpers.I will be so pleased once the whole thing is a distant memory.  One day when I am retired I will have a tiny cottage with a pantry and a Welsh dresser.  I won't have a fitted kitchen and I will spend my time baking bread and making jam and chutney to fill my pantry shelves... heck,it was good enough for people in times gone by.

Inside the cupboard

Furry coated cupboard doors